Fox News Segment Embarrassingly Goes To Hell After Their Own Guest Doctor Refused To Diagnose President Biden With Cognitive Decline On Live TV


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The Fox News Network has managed to brutally embarrass themselves yet again, this time in their effort to further paint President Joe Biden as a decrepit, senile old coot.

In a new segment, the Fox network aired a clip of the final few seconds of President Biden’s remarks in London, amid Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral proceedings, on the heels of Biden’s talks about the conversation he had with King Charles III about his now-late mother and about grief and loss — something the president is painfully all too familiar with.

After airing the clip, Fox brought a guest doctor onto the segment, seemingly with the intent of prodding the medical professional into giving them, their viewers, and the world some sort of armchair diagnosis of senility against the sitting United States president, to further prop up their ongoing attacks against Joe Biden’s mental capacity, as the Right continues to try to claim that the president is suffering from some sort of mental decline, such as dementia or Alzheimers.

But Fox’s own guest doctor wasn’t playing ball this time.

In the clip aired by the network, the president turned to his wife, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, following his remarks, and asked her where they were heading next. Apparently, the folks over at Fox took the mere act of asking his wife a question about their plans as proof that Joe Biden can barely feed himself, and clearly wanted their guest doctor to back up their claims. The Fox host turned to Dr. Nicole Saphier — who they, ironically enough, misidentified themselves when they introduced Saphier as Anita Vogel, the woman who was speaking on the segment prior to turning to the doctor for her opinion — to question Saphier about the incident in the clip.

“As a doctor, what do you see?” the segment host asked.

I’d bet dollars to donuts, Saphier didn’t give them the answer they were looking for.

“You know, that very small snippet right there could just be the fact that obviously, his wife runs the show and he seems to always just look to her and ask, ‘Now what do I do? Just point me to where I’m supposed to go,” Dr. Saphier responded. “I don’t know if we can really draw any conclusions about his mental capacity there.”

The Right-wing Fox network talking heads went on to try to prod their expert guest into labeling Joe Biden as a senile old man with a slew of diagnoses that would impact his cognitive state. But Saphier would not bite, continuing to refuse to offer up the armchair diagnosis they were so desperately fishing for, and effectively embarrassing the already sad and pathetic network on live TV for all the world to see.

Watch the clip here:

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