Fox News’s Jeanine Pirro Seemingly Struggles To Read Her Own Graphic On Air: “Whatever!”

Oof. She's just embarrassing.

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Look y’all, the folks over at Fox News long for a simpler time, you know. They miss those days where children drank from water hoses and came home when the streetlights came on, when no one wore seatbelts and good old-fashioned dirt was a staple of a young child’s diet. They miss those “good ole days” when there were only two genders, gays were exiled, and water fountains were still separated.

What I’m trying to say with this dripping sarcasm here is that the Conservative folks over at Fox News miss those old days where racism was praised, discrimination was the norm, and people didn’t change words and pronouns around.

But, much to their chagrin, society evolves, in every way. Racism is sick and disgusting and we “woke” folks refuse to put up with it, pronouns are pronouns and you’ll just have to get over it, and language is becoming more inclusive with each passing day, whether Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro like it or not.

However, that doesn’t stop ole Fox News from getting mega butthurt about it at every opportunity.

Most recently, it was Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro who found herself so deeply flustered over some language changes that she felt the need to make a whole ass segment out of it — when Penn State University revealed that they’re looking to rename student class years.

Basically, a Freshman would become a “First Year,” a Sophomore a “Second Year” and so on, and lower and upperclassmen would become lower and upper-division. Again, language evolves, we’ve become more inclusive, welcome to 2021.

But for Judge Pirro, apparently, it got her so deeply befuzzled that she couldn’t seem to even read her own graphic during her segment. That, or she’s three sheets in the wind on TV again.

Take a look:

Pirro got so frazzled, in fact, that she screamed out a hearty “WHATEVER!” at the end of the graphic.

Someone tell her she should really lay off the booze and systemic racism. She’s embarrassing herself.

Featured image via screen capture

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