Fox’s Tucker Carlson Uses Blatantly False Graphic To Claim There Are More Women Than Men In The Workforce — There Are Not

Tucker is lying again.

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What do ya know, folks? Tucker Carlson is lying through his teeth again. And this time, he’s using blatantly false graphics to back his bull up.

During one of his recent Fox News segments, Carlson used a completely inaccurate graphic on his show to argue that there are more women in the United States workforce than men. In case you haven’t caught the drift here yet — there absolutely are not.

Carlson was using the workforce talking point during his segment to attack President Biden’s labor policies, once again harping on the tired and false Right-wing trope that unemployment benefits coupled with COVID-19 stimulus payments have driven the American people out of their jobs and onto their couches where they’ll apparently live as couch potatoes for the rest of their lives if you ask Tucker Carlson.

“Our labor markets have been getting sicker for generations,” Carlson complained.

The Fox News talking head then went on to display two graphs to allegedly back up his claim — one of which showed that male participation in the workforce has seen a drop to around 65 percent since the 1950s. This graph was correct.

However, Carlson’s second graphic claimed that 80 percent of women in the United States were in the workforce — this is false.

According to November’s data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 67. percent of American men are in the workforce, compared to 56.2 percent of women — making Tucker’s claim and graphic complete and utter malarkey.

Business Insider notes that the lines on both of Tucker’s graphics were correct in showing a legitimate direction of change in the United States workforce. However, the values that were displayed for the female labor force in the graph were categorically incorrect.

Insider writes, “The y-axis showing women’s participation in the workforce should have started at 30% and ended at 65% because women’s workforce participation bottomed out at 30% in the 1950s and has not gone above 61% since.”

“Instead it used the same scale as the male participation graph, making the data wildly incorrect.”

Carlson, claiming that the workforce was crucial to a man’s happiness, said, “As you can tell, for 70 years we’ve been losing men in the workforce.”

“It’s a problem, the average man defines himself by his job… They need to work, they tend to fall apart when they don’t work.”

“Many call this progress on the assumption that anything bad and degrading for men must be good for America, but it is not progress,” he whined.

Frankly, it just goes to show that Tucker Carlson’s only personality trait consists of “Fox News and Donald Trump,” and it seems he just automatically assumes that every other man in the United States feels the same about their job.

But some people have families who love them, Tucker.

You can watch the clip here, Tucker’s incorrect info starts around the 9:37 mark:

Featured image via screen capture 

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