Furious Philadelphia DA Issues Fiery Warning to Trump And His “Goons” If They Interfere With Election Day: “I’ve Got A Jail Cell”

He's ready whenever you are, Donnie.

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Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner made an appearance on CNN this morning, and he wasted absolutely no time in issuing Donald Trump and his group of “goons” a downright blistering warning about what they can expect if they interfere in the election, that’s now just four short days away. Long story short, Krasner made it crystal clear that, should his supporters interfere in this year’s election due to his constant goading and encouragement, a jail cell will be waiting for him.

Recently, the Philly DA directed a tweet at President Trump reading, “I’ve got something for you.” In speaking with CNN host Alisyn Camerota during the segment, he was asked exactly what he meant by that.

“That means I’ve got a jail cell and I’ve got criminal charges and you can stand in front of a Philadelphia jury, which, by the way, is a diverse jury, and you can explain why you thought it was okay to come to Philly and steal our votes. This is the birthplace of democracy and we are not doing this — wannabe fascists stay home,” Karsner bluntly explained.

Camerota pressed for more detail, asking, “So you are dispatching detectives or prosecutors to try to make sure that there’s no voter intimidation?”

“We are dispatching both. and the Philadelphia Police Department has a very good plan for Election Day,” the Philadelphia District Attorney answered. “We have a bigger bunch than ever — they are extremely well trained and we’re looking for new things. We’ve never really had to be concerned that a bunch of knuckleheads were going to show up at the polls with guns. if they do it this time, they’re going to have a problem. Because the fact is, the Second Amendment does not protect people who claim to be in a militia and have not been summoned by the governor.”

“Militia is not something you get to be by saying it — it’s something you get to be when governmental authority summons you,” he went on. “If you want to dress up like GI Joe and claim you are protecting the polls when we all know what you’re really doing is intimidating voters, you’re getting locked up.”

Krasner then added, “I think the truth is, the president is a lot of talk. These guys with the little skinny gray-beards are a lot of talk. When when the Proud Boys tried to do a march in Philly, they had to import people from Indiana. They couldn’t do enough to do a small march in Philly. I think this is a lot of talk — we’re going to be very vigilant and expect to have a very, very successful voting day.”

In case you couldn’t tell, Donald, people have had enough. We’ve had enough of our democracy being threatened. We have had enough of your attempts at authoritarian rule. We are done. And people are going to start doing everything within their power to put your nonsense to a stop.

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