“Galaxy-Level Delusional”: Fox Host Got Roasted After He Laughably Claimed Trump Will “Come Out With A Prison Body” If He Goes To Jail

Sure, buddy. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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It seems that even the most loyal and devout of Donald Trump’s supporters are coming to the realization that their beloved Dear Leader may very well end up in a jail cell before all of this is said and done. The fact of the matter is, the scandal-plagued former president is in a hell of a lot of trouble coming from multiple different directions, states, and entities, and not only is there no real end in sight, but matters seem to actually just be getting worse for him with each passing day at this point.

With all that said, a lot of the ex-president’s champions have begun to shift their rhetoric away from the notion of Trump getting away with all and instead are beginning to talk about what’s going to happen when Donald Trump inevitably ends up in prison.

This new shift in talking points was highlighted by none other than Trump Super Fan Jesse Watters in one of his recent Fox segments, where he not only seemed to admit that a prison sentence for the 45th president is pretty likely, but attempted to claim that Donald was going to come out of the big house with a ripped “prison body” from working out all the time.

Watters’ weird prediction came during a Fox panel discussion about the former president being legitimately threatened with jail time in Judge Juan Merchan’s Manhattan courtroom, over his repeated violations of the gag order against him in the infamous Stormy Daniels Hush Money trial.

The former president was formally barred from attacking or otherwise discussing witnesses, the court, or family members of the court in this case after he launched repeated verbal assaults against not only the judge, prosecution, and witnesses in this case but also the family members of people involved — most specifically, the judge’s daughter.

Of course, Trump has continually treated that gag order as though it’s not worth the paper it’s written on, as we all knew he would, resulting in Justice Merchan making it blatantly clear that he will send the former president to jail if he continues to launch attacks against witnesses and jurors in this case on his social media platform.

Apparently, this prompted Fox’s Jesse Watters to actually float the very real possibility of Donald J. Trump landing in the clink.

“Trump is going to come out with a prison body,” Watters said. “That’s what happens when you go to prison; you work out, that’s all there is to do.”

Suffice it to say, the Fox host got positively roasted over his apparent obsession with the former president’s bod:

You should maybe unpack that obsession with Trump’s body in some therapy, Jesse. Because that definitely should’ve been an inside thought.

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