George Conway Responds To Trump After POTUS Called Him A “Whack Job”

He should know George ALWAYS claps back.

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Donald called in for a phone interview on his beloved, state-run Fox News network this morning and the whole thing was just really… Really bad.

In the process of trying to run damage control after he got busted attempting to extort an entire foreign country, Donald just ended up doing what he does best — sticking his foot all the way in his mouth and swallowing the damn thing.

He kicked things off by accidentally admitting that he really is the corruption-loving dickhead that we all know and despise in the process of trying to discuss the alleged corruption by the Biden family that kicked this whole impeachment party off, to begin with.


He then doubled-down on his fuckery when he launched yet another attack against impeachment witness and ousted Ukranian ambassador Marie Yovanovitch simply for being a woman.

But the best part of it all, in my humble opinion, is when he attempted to get snooty about Kellyanne Conway’s husband George, who’s a huge Trump critic, only to end up throwing his own counselor all the way under the bus.

“First of all, Kellyanne is great,” Trump stated in the phone interview. “She is married to a total whack job. She must have done a number on him. I don’t know what Kellyanne did to that guy.”

“I don’t even know him, I met him for a second,” he went on. “He’s got to be some kind of a nutjob. She must have done some bad things to him because that guy is crazy.”

Dude, seriously. You are so good at making things so much worse. I’m sure Kellyanne and Geroge both will be thanking you for that, though likely in very different ways.

However, things got even better (for us anyway) when George took to his Twitter account to issue what appeared to be a response to Trump’s dig this morning.

Tweeting one of his articles with The Atlantic, George called Trump out on his bullshit with the caption, “Hey, @realDonaldTrump, if you want to learn about a real wack job, read this. Or have someone read it to you and tell you what the big words mean.” 

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I suspect George will find himself back in the doghouse over that one. But by God, it’s worth it.

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