Georgian Tells Marjorie Taylor Greene Right To Her Face That He’s Voting Democratic For The First Time In His Life — And It’s All Because Of Her


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Things aren’t exactly going great for Georgia’s Republican House Rep. and resident nutcase Marjorie Taylor Greene, as her primary election approaches.

While CNN still believes that she’ll likely secure her primary victory, which will almost assuredly lead to her being a shoo-in in November, we’re just not so sure these days.

The woman literally sat through actual court hearings here recently, after an entire group challenged her ability to even be on the ballot after her actions and behavior surrounding the January 6th Capitol attack, and the Trump-led efforts to overthrow a literal US election. And to top that off, her constituents are beginning to turn on her.

We recently reported on a new piece from CNN, noting that some of Greene’s constituents were beginning to turn tail against the GOP nutjob, not necessarily because they don’t agree with her principles, but because she’s made a mockery out of them with her behavior in public and on Capitol Hill. But you don’t even have to take CNN’s (or our) word for it — you can hear it straight from one of the horses’ mouths.

In a new video clip that’s making the rounds on social media thanks to popular Twitter user, former federal prosecutor, and staunch Republican critic Ron Filipkowski, we have the pleasure of watching one of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s own constituents call her out right to her face, and personally let her know that he will be voting Democratic for the very first time in his life this year — and it’s all thanks to her.

Trust me, you want to see this:

Is there a damn good chance that Marje is gonna get another term when it’s all said and done? Yea, there is. But I do honestly believe that Marjorie’s constituents are far more fed up with her behavior and antics than most people realize, and they’re about to show it at the polls.

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