Images Surface Of Ivanka Trump Volunteering For Ukrainian Refugees And People Aren’t Exactly Impressed: “As A Ukrainian, I’m Insulted…”

She really thought that would go over well???

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There’s really no denying that former First Daughter Ivanka Trump is in reputation repair mode these days.

Following her father’s embarrassing election loss — and more notably, his publicly humiliating, sore loser behavior in the aftermath of that loss that he couldn’t cope with — his eldest daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, both of whom served as advisors in her father’s administration, began to quickly and largely distance themselves from her controversial, melting down dad in the public’s eye.

But, it became pretty evident, pretty quickly, that simply backing away from her pops after everything he had done (and continues to do) as well as her and her husband’s past personal involvement in it all, just was not enough. It seems Ivanka became aware, rather rapidly, that she was going to have to put in some work if she had any hope of repairing the public reputation and perception that her father destroyed.

But, bear in mind, that Ivanka hasn’t had some sort of change of heart because she’s actually a decent person. Rather, she’s spoiled and vain and narcissistic and couldn’t stand the thought of her daddy dragging down her “good” name and image with his post-election antics.

With that being said, it became clear pretty much immediately that Ivanka Trump would be taking the easiest, laziest route she could cook up to try to pull herself back into the public’s good graces. And what better to capitalize on than a global catastrophe like the Russian war against Ukraine? Perfect, right?

This became evident enough not long ago when Donald himself took to a new statement and bragged about his eldest daughter allegedly donating 1 million meals to the people of Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion and attack.

Frankly, with the response these fools got to that little display of “philanthropy,” you’d think they would have learned their lesson.

But Trumps never do.

Former federal prosecutor, popular Twitter user, and vocal Trump critic Ron Filipkowski recently took to the social media platform with a couple of new images of the former First Daughter doing some “volunteering” with the Ukrainian people — including a photo that was said to show her serving meals to Ukrainian refugees in a Poland food line:

And another in which she was supposedly teaching Ukrainian kiddos how to play the guitar (also in Poland):

Neither was well-received among the people of Twitter:

That reputation couldn’t be rehabbed for all the love nor money in the world, girlfriend. Your fake PR photo ops are just insulting.

Featured image via Global Entrepreneurship Summit/Flickr public domain

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