GOP Senator Apparently Struggles To Answer When CNN Host Presses Him For Example Of Trump’s Concern For Corruption: “You’re Trying To Put Me On The Spot!”

He didn't have a chance to ask Trump what his reply should be first!

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During a segment with CNN’s Jake Tapper today, Republican Senator James Lankford seemed to really struggle to respond when the host pressed him to give just one single example, outside of the GOP’s now-typical excuse for Trump’s behavior regarding Ukraine, of a time that Donald Trump has given a single damn about corruption.

As I’m sure you’re all aware now, this is the Trump GOP’s favorite scapegoat when they’re forced to offer up an explanation for Donald’s decision to withhold aid that was already owed to the country of Ukraine in exchange for an announcement of and subsequent investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son — according to them, Ukraine was simply teeming with corruption and Trump just couldn’t, in good conscience, give them any money until said corruption had been weeded out.

The only problem with that excuse is this: There’s never been a single other time in the history of ever (that we know of, anyway) where Donald Trump gave one measly little shit about corruption, anywhere.

Tapper wasn’t about to let Lankford off the hook today until he took the opportunity to point that fact out.

The host began by asking Lankford if he was also of the belief that Trump’s only reasoning behind the hold on Ukrainian aid was because of all this alleged corruption rather than a ploy to have his political opponent wrongfully investigated.

“Yes, I do actually think he’s concerned about corruption and the people of Ukraine,” Lankford replied, as he’s no doubt been repeating for months now.

However, the GOP senator doesn’t seem to have practiced up on the next portion of the CNN host’s question, because he clearly had a hard time coming up with a Trump-approved answer.

“Can you give me one more example, one other example of anywhere where President Trump has ever expressed concern about corruption?” Tapper pressed. “Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel — is there any example you can point to where President Trump expressed any concern about corruption?”

“Sure I can if you want me to send you a long list…” Lankford attempted to deflect in true GOP style.

But Tapper was having no part of the senator’s attempted diversion.

“Just give me a couple examples,” Tapper urged, cutting Lankford’s distraction off at the knees.

“You’re trying to put me on the spot!” a clearly flustered Lankford shot back. “You’re trying to put me on the spot to be able to talk about international world policy!”

Frankly, these people don’t seem to care much for it when those around them veer away from the questions they already have scripted answers for.

You can watch the clip here:

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