GOP Senator Dishes Terrifying Details; Trump Isn’t Just Looking For A 2024 VP, He’s Looking For An “Heir” To Carry On His Agenda Into 2028

This is the most terrifying thing I've heard all day.

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According to a Republican senator who recently gave an interview to POLITICO, Donald J. Trump — the scandal-plagued and cash-strapped former US President and presumptive 2024 Republican nominee — isn’t just searching for the perfect vice presidential running mate for his 2024 ticket; he’s also searching for the person he hopes to install as his successor in 2028, to keep his dystopian agenda alive and running.

Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines interviewed with POLITICO this week and told the publication in no uncertain terms that Donald Trump’s search for a perfect vice president isn’t just about who he will have as his right hand for four years if he successfully returns to the White House. According to Daines, the Trump 2024 VP search doubles as a hunt for the individual he hopes to pass the MAGA agenda torch to in 2028.

“This person will not only be one heartbeat away from the presidency during President Trump’s next term, but will likely be our nominee in ’28 and serve as president for the next eight years following President Trump’s term,” Daines explained in the interview.

Should Trump make a successful White House comeback in this year’s election, he is bound by the United States Constitution that only allows him to serve out what would be his second presidential term, for a total of 8 non-consecutive (in his case) years — although, many of Trump’s people have dropped more than a few horrifying suggestions that the Consitition’s 22nd Amendment, which outlines this law, should be repealed, allowing for Trump to remain in power indefinitely.

Nevertheless, the law still stands for now and Trump, whether he likes it or not, remains beholden to it, leaving him desperate to install someone as his 2024 VP who will continue to essentially do his bidding from the inside, according to Daines.

Of course, Donald Trump’s last VP, Mike Pence, didn’t rise to the challenge in the end, when he refused to play along with Trump’s plot to overthrow a United States presidential election, resulting in the deadly infamous attack against the US Capitol and the whole of Congress inside, as they worked to certify the Electoral College votes that secured Joe Biden’s 2020 victory.

Not to mention, Pence recently publicly confirmed that he would not be endorsing the man whom he used to serve under.

In addition to Daines’ interview, Newsweek recently spoke with political scientist Thomas Gift, who echoed the sentiment that Donald’s vice presidential pick this go around is more critical to his movement than ever before.

“Given that 15 vice presidents have gone on to become president in U.S. history, every presidential candidate has to weigh the possibility that they’re selecting an heir apparent when choosing a VP,” Gift told the publication.

“At the same time, electoral considerations dwarf everything else. Trump will want a running mate who can continue his legacy. But most of all, he will want someone who helps him to win now,” he added.

Trump’s shortlist reportedly currently consists of South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Florida House Rep. Byron Donalds, New York House Rep. Elise Stefanik, and Ohio Senator J.D. Vance.

Whomever his choice turns out to be, it’s painfully clear that Donald J. Trump intends to remain in power, in one way or another, for the foreseeable future — and that should terrify you.

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