GOP Senator Repeatedly Dodged The Question When Asked Multiple Times If She’s Proud To Support Trump

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When it comes to the impending election, Donald Trump has more fish to fry than just his own race. Even if Donnie does manage to secure another term, through the votes or just outright cheating, his devious plans simply won’t work without a Congress that’s stacked in his favor. And while he’s been relatively successful at accomplishing as much through his first term, polls are indicating that he won’t get so lucky should he land himself a second go-around — Not only are voters sick of these sycophantic GOPers, it’s starting to seem as though some of these GOPers are getting tired of being sycophantic.

Multiple polls are predicting a landslide loss for Arizona Republican Senator Martha McSally to her Democratic opponent Mark Kelly in the upcoming 2020 election. It seemed that McSally attempted to redeem herself during her recent debates with Kelly, but she may have done so at the price of her loyalty to Donald Trump.

During the event, McSally was questioned about her support for the current president multiple times and managed to repeatedly dodge the question.

The moderator of the debate very plainly and simply asked the Senator, “Are you proud of your support for President Trump?”

Instead of offering a straightforward yes or no answer to the question, McSally took to attacking her opponent instead, accusing Kelly of promoting “the most radical agenda that we’ve seen,” going on to insist that “Candidate Kelly says that he’s an independent and a moderate — and lots of platitudes here. But the stakes could not be higher. If you want your tax cuts, I’m your girl. If you want the largest tax increase in history, you’ve got somebody else over here.”

The moderator pressed on, “Senator, the question was: are you proud of your support for President Trump.” However, McSally only doubled-down doubled-down, responding, “I’m proud to be fighting for Arizona every single day.”

The moderator repeated the question yet again, only for McSally to continue to dance around it.

It seems that some of these GOPers are beginning to realize what blind loyalty to this administration will cost them.

You can watch the clip here:

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