Stephen Miller Tests Positive For COVID And The Internet Has Thoughts: “So It’s Jumping Species Now”


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White House senior adviser and complete nutjob Stephen Miller has tested positive for the coronavirus, CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins said on Twitter. She added a statement from Miller that says, “Over the last 5 days I have been working remotely and self-isolating, testing negative every day through yesterday. Today, I tested positive for COVID-19 and am in quarantine.”

Miller’s COVID-19 diagnosis adds to the long and growing list of Trump administration officials who have contracted the disease as the president continues to downplay it even though he, too, contracted and is being treated for COVID.

And Jim Acosta confirmed that.

Twitter lit up, you guys.

I wouldn’t make fun of anyone that’s contracted the disease normally, but Miller seems to take joy from separating children from their parents at the border, so I don’t give a fuck. I’ve run out of those, OK? I’m at the point where I’ll reserve my sympathy for the people the Trump administration has harmed, and there’s a lot of Americans out there suffering due to the president’s poor response to the coronavirus. Also, fuck Stephen Miller, that soulless little shit.

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