Gov. Ron DeSantis Keeps Digging Himself Into A Hole, Told Tucker Carlson “We Are All Just Subservient To Medical Authoritarianism” Akin To “The Berlin Wall”

So dramatic.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn’t taken any serious steps to combat COVID-19 even though the disease is surging in the Sunshine State at an alarming rate. The Republican governor is putting politics above the well-being of his constituents. DeSantis has even threatened schools that choose to issue a mask mandate even though less than a week before schools are set to reopen in Florida’s Broward County, local union officials said that three educators have died of complications from the coronavirus. When the pandemic first hit, Republicans seemed ready to throw senior Americans under the bus, and now it’s children.

And ask Republicans to apply simple guidelines in their state amid the raging pandemic, and they get dramatic. People like Ron DeSantis, for example, told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that “We are all just subservient to medical authoritarianism” that he compared to “the Berlin Wall.”

Sure, big guy. Republicans are all guns, grits, and country until you ask them to put a simple protective face mask on to keep their fellow Americans alive.


Dr. Jonathan Reiner reacted to DeSantis calling Covid-19 precautions “medical authoritarianism” on CNN with Jim Acosta.

“I have news for the governor. A greater threat to freedom is being paralyzed in a drug-induced coma on a ventilator in an ICU,” Dr. Reiner said.

“The governor of Florida is violating the Rule of Holes,” he continued.”You know the Rule of Holes; when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. He has dug himself an enormous hole in Florida; he has handcuffed himself, he has removed the tools to suppress a pandemic, enforcing masking requirements, closing down crowded venues, incentivizing people positively or negatively to get vaccinated.”

“He has removed all of these tools and found himself in a deep, deep hole, yet he keeps digging,” he added.

“And Tucker Carlson will just have him on to continue that digging,” Acosta said. “It’s incredible.”

Watch the clip below:

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