Graham Put On The Spot By Reporter Over Question About Child Tax Credit And He Is Not Happy: “I Don’t Think It’s Funny At All”


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South Carolina’s own southern fried chicken shit senator, Lindsey Graham, found himself put smack dab on the spot by a reporter during a press conference today, regarding his vocal opposition to the Child Tax Credit included in President Biden’s Build Back Better plan — and Lindsey didn’t like it. Lindsey didn’t like it one bit.

As explained in a tweet by The Recount, Senator Graham has been more than vocal in his attacks against the President’s Build Back Better bill, specifically the costs involved. However, before the child Tax Credit was expanded by President Biden and Democrats in Congress, it was expanded by Republicans in their 2017 tax law. Only, they set it to expire in 2025. So, when Graham sets his sights on and attacks the cost of the President’s plan, he’s including the cost of continuing his party’s own plan hailing from the GOP’s 2017 expansion. Something The Recount calls a “misleading gimmick.”

During today’s press briefing event, one reporter called the South Carolina senator out on as much, straight up pointing out the fact that Graham’s CBO (Congressional Budget Office) score of Biden’s Build Back Better plan is so high because of “budgeting gimmicks” hailing from the GOP’s 2017 expansion.

“Isn’t that kind of funny?” the reporter asked Graham.

But he didn’t think so. At all.

“No I don’t think it’s funny at all,” Graham responded.

You might not find it funny, Graham, but we do. We really, really do. Be a hypocrite, get called out as a hypocrite. Such is life, sir. Try out those bootstraps.

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