Greg Abbott Presser Foiled Again By Dem. State Senator Who Calls The GOP Governor Out To His Face On His Inaction Regarding Gun Laws

The people will not allow Abbott to get away with what he's done.

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The day after the tragic Uvalde, Texas, mass shooting — when 18-year-old high school student turned gunman, Salvador Ramo, opened fire on Robb Elementary School where he managed to shoot and kill 19 children and 2 teachers in one fourth-grade classroom he barricaded himself in — we watched as TX Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Democratic presidential runner Beto O’Rourke “crashed” the press conference of his Republican incumbent opponent, Governor Greg Abbott. Beto bravely called Abbott out, right to his face, for “doing nothing” to staunch the bleeding of school shootings in this country. Beto was cursed at, insulted, and ultimately thrown out of the press briefing, but not before he got his message across loud and clear.

But it seems O’Rourke is far from the only person who’s so damn fed up with innocent children dying in their classrooms that they’re willing to throw a wrench in the governor’s press conferences.

Gov. Abbott was originally slated to attend the National Rifle Association’s convention today in Houston, Texas, less than 300 miles away from where 21 human beings were slaughtered with an AR-15 style assault rifle just 72 short hours before the event. However, after an influx of rightful backlash, Abbott ultimately canceled his in-person appearance at the NRA event, submitting a pre-recorded message to attendees instead, and opted to hold another press conference in Uvalde during the time he was originally scheduled to be at the convention.

During that press conference this evening, The Democratic congressman who represents the town of Uvalde in the Texas State Senate interrupted the Republican governor’s presser to openly demand that Abbott call the legislature back for a special session on gun safety legislation.

Abbott was speaking about the fact that the state of Texas has long allowed 18-year-olds to buy long guns when Democratic state Sen. Roland Gutierrez seized the floor from the governor.

“My colleagues are asking for a special session, you are getting a letter tomorrow,” Gutierrez announced to Abbott and the crowd gathered for the press briefing.

“The Senate Democratic Caucus, we have asked for changes, I’m asking you now. I apologize for interrupting your press conference about the needs of this community,” the state senator said.

Gutierrez was interviewed by CNN just ahead of Abbott’s press event, where the senator said, “There’s no way in the world that an 18-year-old kid should access a militarized weapon like it happened in this situation. And I put that on people that are in power in Texas.”

People are fed up, Abbott. And they’re no longer going to allow you to get away with what you’ve done. There is blood on your hands, and you will be held accountable.

You can watch the clip of the Democratic senator interrupting the governor’s press conference here:

Featured image via screen capture 

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