Guiliani Goes On Unhinged Rant During Interview, Seemingly Compares COVID To Obesity

Boy, he's so stupid.

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President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani worked hard to downplay the coronavirus and the measures being employed to combat it during an interview on Fox News, even going so far as to compare the virus to obesity.

The city of New York, along with most states and health professionals, want proper tracing in place to effectively track where people contracted the virus or from whom.

Only with an effective tracing system can we more safely send Americans back to work and reopen the country.


But Fox News host Laura Ingraham and Giuliani mocked the idea of tracing coronavirus, a communicable disease, and even ignorantly compared it to non-communicable conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and obesity.

“That’s totally ridiculous,” Giuliani said of tracing. “Then we should trace everyone for cancer.”

“Yeah, army of tracers,” Ingraham mocked.

“We should trace everybody for cancer and heart disease and obesity,” Giuliani continued. “I mean, a lot of things kill you more than COVID-19. So we should be traced for all those things.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

It should be pointed out that none of the three conditions Giuliani mentioned kill people as fast as coronavirus does. Over 50,000 Americans have died of the virus since the beginning of March, most in just the last few weeks.

Heart disease, most cancers, and obesity are deadly, but they kill over time.

And since none of them are communicable, those dying of these conditions can be surrounded by family members so they don’t die alone.

Giuliani’s remarks are callous and ignore the threat coronavirus poses to communities across the nation. We need sufficient tracing and testing to get this pandemic under control. Doing neither only makes it worse.

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