Hilarious Surfaced Documents Reportedly Show Secret Service Agents Were Fearful That Donald Trump Would Be Attacked With A “Milkshake” During A Trip To The UK

We couldn't make this up if we TRIED!

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Just recently, we reported on ex-President Donald Trump’s hilarious, deep-rooted fear of being attacked and killed by protesters who might throw fruits at him. According to the unhinged former guy, there’s just about nothing in the world that he finds more terrifying or dangerous than a well-aimed tomato or pineapple. Hell, even bananas make him nervous.

But apparently, fruits aren’t the only thing the former president and his people were quite fearful of.

According to new documents recently obtained by The Daily Dot, Donald Trump’s Secret Service agents were in quite the panic as the then-president was preparing to head out on a 2019 trip to the United Kingdom, over the prospect of number 45 being attacked by an angry individual (or individuals) wielding milkshakes as their weapon of choice.

I promise you, from the bottom of my heart, this is not a joke.

Right before Donald Trump headed out on the trip, anti-fascist activists in the UK had kickstarted a protest campaign they dubbed “Splash the Fash,” that saw Trump allies such as the country’s MAGA-ally Nigel Farage being potentially targeted with the cool, sweet treat.

The United States Secret Service quite literally made it their mission to protect the then-president from any milkshake catastrophes by diligently monitoring any social media accounts that had expressed their desire to chuck a milkshake at the US president during his visit to the UK.

In a message obtained by The Daily Dot, one Secret Service official says, “We’ll have to keep an eye on SplashThe[Fash]. I’m sure it will get a lot of attention. I’ll pass it along to the person monitoring the trips.”

The official goes on to note that they personally would “not waste a milkshake” by chucking it at the likes of Donald Trump.

At various other points in the correspondence between Secret Service agents, the officials noted the potential difficulty they may face in combatting a slew of milkshakes being lobbed at the then-US president.

Another message obtained by the publication sees a person in the Presidential Protective Division stating, “At some point on this trip, one of the 4 of us is getting ‘Milkshaked.'”

You can read the absolutely hilarious full report here.

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