Mitt Romney Appears To Be Uninvited To Right-Wing Event After Voting In Favor Of Witnesses

They're like bullies on a playground.

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Millions of Americans have been holding their breaths for the past several days in hopes that maybe, just maybe, a few of those GOP senators embroiled in this sham of an impeachment hearing would dig down deep, find their dignity, respect, and oaths to the Constitution, and vote to allow witnesses to appear and testify before the Senate on their knowledge of Trump’s transgressions — witnesses such as former national security advisor John Bolton and former Giuliani henchman Lev Parnas. Both are witnesses everyone in that Senate chamber knows could bury their dear leader alive.

However, our bated breath and cautious hopefulness were ultimately all for nothing. While a couple of Republican senators did break from their party and vote in favor of calling witnesses into the trial, it simply wasn’t enough in the end. And frankly, let’s not kid ourselves into believing that those votes were casts for even remotely the right reasons.

But regardless of the reasoning behind their votes against Trump and their party, it doesn’t seem those few GOPers are safe from reparations at the hands of some seriously pissed off colleagues.

Of those who voted in favor for witnesses at Trump’s Senate impeachment trial was Utah Senator Mitt Romney, joined by Maine Senator Susan Collins, both of whom have been rather unpopular with both sides of the fence as of late.

As a result of Romney’s vote, he’s found himself on the short end of a bit of revenge after the right-wing political action committee CPAC disinvited him from any and all involvement with their conference.

“BREAKING: The “extreme conservative” and Junior Senator from the great state of Utah, @SenatorRomney is formally NOT invited to #CPAC2020,” CPAC director Matt Schlapp wrote on Twitter, captioning a photo of the senator with “Not Invited” pasted across the picture. 

While it’s an immature move at best, Romney surely can’t find himself too terribly surprised. His entire party has been behaving like children for years now. I don’t know how he could possibly think this would be any different.

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