“His Team Knows”: A WH Reporter Revealed Trump Staffers’ Desperate Attempts To Hide Donald’s Rapid, Severe Cognitive Decline

They KNOW how bad he is.

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Donald Trump’s apparent cognitive decline has been on full display in recent weeks, as he’s ramped up his rallies, speeches, and various public appearances with the 2024 presidential election closing in.

The amount of gaffes, slurs, and slip-ups has grown to such a degree that people have begun to share montages across social media. At this point, it’s certainly no secret to the American public that Donald Trump is beginning to truly struggle on a mental level. However, as it turns out, it’s not a secret to his staff, either.

MSNBC’s White House reporter Jonathan Lemire appeared on a recent “Morning Joe” segment where he confirmed that Donald Trump’s campaign team is not only more than well aware of their boss’ significant cognitive and mental decline, but they’re actively working to hide it from the American public as Trump desperately tries to drag himself over the election finish line.

The recent “Morning Joe” episode saw a strong focus on Donald’s multiple campaign events that saw an almost inconceivable amount of cognitive decay from the former president and Republican frontrunner.

He’s surrounded entirely by enablers during this campaign and would be again if he’d be in the White House a second time,” Lemire said. “There would be no guardrails or adults in the room, it’d be people doing what he wants. To your point, he is not the same guy. You can watch video footage of the 2016 campaign, some of his time in the White House. We played last week a clip from the debate between Trump and [President Joe] Biden back in 2020. It was striking even then how much Trump has changed, how he’s aged. He is in his late 70s, he is only a couple years younger than President Biden. We’re seeing with more and more frequency, even as the media — and we talked about it earlier, how the weekend was full of polls and obsession about President Biden’s age — it is this, Trump, who day after day is showing the signs of age but also pressure.”

“Indeed, pressure because he is not getting as much of the share of the Republican vote as he’d like,” Lemire went on to add. “Nikki Haley posting a win over the weekend. Pressure because of the money he now owes, nearly half a billion dollars in a couple cases in New York City, and pressure that his first criminal case, a case that could theoretically put him in prison, starts in just three weeks. We are seeing it night after night on the rally stage, where he seems to even just lose control of the English language. Mika [Brzezinski] cringes, I can’t help it either at the end of that clip. His team knows, but they’re just forging forward.”

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough chimed in to add, “They’re trying to keep him off the stage as much as possible. Obviously, they don’t want that out there. They don’t want him on Truth Social. Again, he only hurts himself politically.”

You can watch the MSNBC clip here:

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