House Committee Has Obtained Payment Records That Could Be Damning, Key Evidence Against Matt Gaetz

It's only a matter of time now, Matt.

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Americans have known for some time now that Trump-loving Florida Republican House Rep. Matt Gaetz has been up to no good — with specific regard to his alleged involvement with underage girls and a “ring” meant to pay these young girls in exchange for sex.

Despite knowing full and well that Gaetz was heavily involved in this scheme, it has long seemed that absolutely nothing was going to be done about it — that Matt Gaetz, like so many others, was simply going to get away with it all.

However, it seems there’s at least a possibility now that that may not be the case after all, as the House Ethics Committee has reportedly obtained damning new evidence against the MAGA lawmaker, including payment records as well as explosive testimony from a witness who claims that she was personally paid for sex by Florida House Representative Matt Gaetz.

The bombshell development comes out of new reporting from ABC News, in which they confirmed that one witness very pointedly told the House Committee that Rep. Gaetz sent her money through Venmo, a popular payment app, that was specifically a financial exchange for a sexual encounter.

ABC News goes on to report that other witnesses have told the committee that they were “paid to attend parties that Gaetz also attended and that featured drugs and sex.”

At one point, Gaetz found himself at the epicenter of a long-running Justice Department probe into the potential sex trafficking of an underage girl. However, in the end, the DOJ made the disgusting decision to decline to bring charges against the Trump-loving lawmaker, who remains in the United States Congress to this day.

ABC’s report goes on to confirm that the House Ethics Committee has now obtained records of Gaetz’s Venmo payments — a truly damning development that could be used as key evidence against the congressman.

“The committee has obtained Gaetz’s Venmo records after issuing the company a subpoena,” ABC’s report reads. “During the DOJ investigation into Gaetz, public reporting, including by The Daily Beast, largely focused on Venmo records from [former Seminole County, Florida tax collector Joel] Greenberg, who according to his plea agreement used his account to “pay for commercial sex acts” with women he also introduced to others. The committee obtaining Gaetz’s records, which ABC News has not seen, could help provide Congressional investigators with a roadmap for payments the Congressman may have made while he was friends with Greenberg.”

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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