“I Am Reporting This”: MTG Went Full-Blown Karen, Called For DOJ And FBI Involvement Because Jane Fonda Hurt Her Feelings

She's the epitome of a 'Karen.'

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If you were to look up the word “Karen,” in its insult form, in any given dictionary, I would almost bet cold, hard cash that you’d find Marjorie Taylor Greene’s mug slapped right there in the definition.

The woman is frankly the epitome of “Let me speak to your manager!”

In fact, the highly controversial Georgia Republican congresswoman pretty much proved my entire point after she got her feelings quite hurt by none other than Jane Fonda and then proceeded to tell everyone who would listen that she was “reporting” the 85-year-old former fashion model, actress, and world-renowned activist, even going so far as to all but demand that high-level law enforcement entities such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Department of Justice get involved on her behalf.

It seems Greene’s upset was sparked by comments Fonda made during a recent appearance on ABC’s The View, during which the actress and activist joked that she has “thought about murder” when she was asked for suggestions on how to fight for reproductive rights and abortion access, above and beyond the typical “marching and protesting.”

View hosts Joy Behar and Lily Tomlin, the latter of which co-stars with Fonda in the 2022 comedy film Moving On, were quick to note that Fonda was only joking about murdering anyone, while Fonda made an overdramatic, mock sinister facial expression at the audience and viewers. Frankly, there was literally no possible denying that the whole thing was just a joke from a woman who’s known for her ability to perfectly pull off dramedies.

But wouldn’t you know, ole Marge didn’t find it funny. Not one little bit.

The QAnon congresswoman wasted absolutely no time in taking to her Twitter account, where she declared herself an “unapologetic pro-life politician,” before melting down into a Karen-level temper tantrum worthy of its own Oscar.

“I routinely get death threats because of the nasty women on The View and the things they say about me,” Greene whined in the first of many… many tweets on the matter. “But calling for us to be assassinated makes The View, the hosts, the producers, the network, the advertisers, and everyone involved responsible for death threats, attacks, and potential murders of Pro-Life politicians and activists. I am reporting this.”

Greene made sure to toss in a nasty, personal jab towards the actress for good measure, writing, “By the way @Janefonda your eggs are dried up so you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant anytime soon, so you can retire from demanding baby murder now.”

But Greene didn’t leave well enough alone after that hot mess of a tweet. Far, far from it, actually. Instead, Marge came back to her Twitter account with a second post, warning the FBI and DOJ that they “better” get involved in Fonda’s “murder” joke, and went on to further threaten both government entities by stating that she will not vote in favor of their funding unless they do what she wants.

But lo and behold, that still wasn’t all that Marjorie Taylor Greene had to say about it. The unhinged House rep. then switched over to her personal Twitter account and made yet another post about the whole ordeal, dramatically warning her followers that Fonda and “many Democrats” want them dead, along with her.

Genuinely, we couldn’t make this mess up if we TRIED.

You can see Fonda’s appearance on ABC’s The View here:

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