Insider Claims Melania And Ivanka Are “Not Close,” Says Ivanka “Invades Her Turf” And Infamous Jacket Was Actually A Dig At Stepdaughter

Are we headed towards a catfight?!

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While Donald Trump Jr. has been busy peddling a book almost assuredly written for him by someone else, other members of the Trump family have been busy getting books written about them.

While the eldest Trump son’s book was written from the right side of the fence, chock full of conservative conspiracy theories and ridiculous, nonsense attacks against the left — with Junior himself going so far as to suggest that folks use “Triggered” to start fights with liberal family members during the holidays — those being penned about other members of the Trump crew are a whole lot less flattering.

As we all know by now, Junior’s book, which hit number 1 on the New York Times Bestseller list thanks to multiple bulk purchases by his father and several of his “people,” the eldest Trump spawn’s work was quickly dethroned when “A Warning” hit the shelves — a high Trump-critical tome penned by a current or former anonymous White House official, detailing the absolute fuckery that is the Trump administration.

And now it seems Melania Trump is next up to find herself on the receiving end of a tell-all book about herself.

CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett currently has a Melania Trump biography in the works, titled “Free, Melania” in which she gives readers a startling look inside the First Lady’s life.

The biography, even before it’s been officially released, has dropped several bombshell revelations — including the fact that Mel chooses to sleep in a separate bed as her husband, she doesn’t really care at all about her anti-bullying “Be Best” campaign, and that hospitalization for alleged kidney problems of hers back in 2018 was supposedly far more serious than the media let on.

But perhaps the most delicious sliver of new information to come from the tell-all tome on Melania Trump was her relationship with step-daughter Ivanka, who Melania feels is trying to invade on her position as first lady.

Now, in the past, former insiders and anonymous officials have let on that the relationship between the first lady and first daughter has been a rather strained one, with some reports even indicating that the two have had arguments over White House office space.

But according to Bennett’s biography, prime office real estate in the White House hasn’t been the only beef between the pair.

Bennett describes the relationship between Trump’s third wife and eldest daughter as “cordial” but “not close.”

According to the biography, Mel is just as uncomfortable with all of Ivanka’s international trips on her daddy’s coattails as we are, claiming, “the trips were, according to a source, too close for comfort for Melania, who thought Ivanka was invading her turf.”

Bennett even went so far as to claim that Melania’s now-infamous jacket that read, “I DON’T REALLY CARE, DO YOU?” during her trip to visit brown children her husband had locked in cages, wasn’t even about migrant families, but rather a thinly-veiled jab at the eldest Trump daughter who was working diligently at the time to paint herself as a positive influence on her father’s presidency.

Bennett goes on to more-broadly argue the media’s portrayal of Melania as a “trophy wife,” alleging that the former model turned first lady is actually highly involved in politics inside the administration where her opinions carry a lot of sway and she serves as one of the only people inside the White House who can stand up to Trump.

While it seems that Bennett is at least somewhat attempting to defend the first lady with her tell-all biography, can we just clear one thing up — if Melania has so much sway in her husband’s administration yet brown babies continue to be caged while Donald strips food stamps from millions of desperate Americans and attempts to sell our country on the black market to the highest foreign bidder — she’s every bit as shitty as he is.

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