Insider Claims Trump Dislikes Tweeting In Front Of Others, Embarrassed To Wear Eyeglasses He Needs In Order To See

So that's why he's always so beady-eyed.

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We’ve known for quite some time now, even before he managed to nab the presidency with more than a little foreign help, that Donald Trump is a petty, vain little man. He’s constantly fussing over that love child between cotton candy and candy corn that he calls hair. Reports have indicated that he’s demanded he be cut out of a cashmere sweater that 90 percent of his constituents couldn’t afford with a month’s paycheck because he didn’t want it to mess up his face or his hairdo when taking it off. And we’re all well aware of the numerous occasions he’s been busted wearing high heels because he simply can’t stand the fact that he’s on the short side.

All that’s without even mentioning the way he feels about those tiny hands of his.

But thanks to a new report from the New York Times, we now know another area of Trump’s self-esteem that takes a pretty hard hit on the regular — and it pertains to his precious tweets.

According to the Times report, Donnie prefers not to type his manic social media posts while in the company of other people because he doesn’t like wearing the reading glasses he needs to see the screen of his beloved iPhone, says sources close to him.

Evidently, Trump instead has his musing transcribed to his Twitter by White House social media director, Dan Scavino in the White House West Wing every morning.

Apparently, Scavino just hangs out in what the Times reported as a closet-sized room just off of the Oval Office until Trump summons him with a yell of “Scavino!” — then the social media director scurries from his hole and types all of Trump’s nonsense onto the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account.

Allegedly, Scavino even comes up with some tweets of his own and prints them out in an extra-large font to present to Donnie for approval.

This revelation came as part of a Times analysis into Trump’s tweets as president.

Donald has been spotted just a very small handful of times donning his specs. However, it’s pretty clear that he has no desire to be seen in them.

Now this kind of does explain why all of his hair-brained tweets usually pour in relentlessly in the morning and then again in the evening. He’s waiting on his little minion to type them up.

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