Insider Who Has Seen Trump’s Tax Returns Claims They Show Foreign Entanglements And Dishonest Bookkeeping

Just imagine what all of his tax returns since 2006 look like.

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President Donald Trump is desperately trying to hide his tax returns from the American people, and we know why, according to a former insider who has seen the documents because Trump blundered by suing him in 2006.

The Supreme Court is set to hear Trump’s case arguing that Congress should not be able to subpoena his taxes even though the law is on Congress’ side.

Of course, Trump fears his taxes will reveal to the American people just how corrupt he is, and it turns out one person knows exactly what the documents would show us.


Tim O’Brien is a Trump biographer who wrote a book that included information about the size of Trump’s fortune, which Trump has claimed is at least $3 billion. O’Brien contended that the amount was much smaller, but Trump disputed it by filing a lawsuit.

That turned out to be a mistake because Trump had to reveal some of his tax returns to O’Brien and his lawyers.

“During the course of the litigation, Trump resisted releasing his tax returns and other financial records,” O’Brien wrote for Bloomberg. “My lawyers got the returns, and while I can’t disclose specifics, I imagine that Trump is hesitant to release them now because they would reveal how robust his businesses actually are and shine a light on some of his foreign sources of income.”

So, now we know for sure that Trump’s tax returns will show foreign connections, perhaps even shady ones.

But O’Brien also got a look at financial records from Trump’s accountants and a bank.

Deutsche Bank AG released documents showing that Trump’s fortune didn’t even crack $1 billion, let alone $3 billion. And Mazars USA released documents revealing that Trump has been cooking the books.

“That trove included a financial statement Trump routinely used to substantiate his claims to fabulous wealth,” O’Brien wrote. “The document, it turned out, was drafted without regard for standard accounting practices or other factors that might have diminished the future president’s claims.”

And just those documents alone, O’Brien concluded, should be enough for the Supreme Court to rule against Trump and for the American people to deny him a second term in November. After all, they were enough to get the lawsuit against him dismissed in 2011.

“If all of this information from Trump’s taxes, bankers, and accountants was good enough for me over a decade ago, it’s certainly good enough for Congress and the Manhattan district attorney today,” O’Brien wrote. “It’s also good enough for the American people. If we’ve learned one thing from the Trump presidency it’s that it’s no longer enough to rely on tradition when it comes to the Oval Office and financial transparency. Financial transparency should be a requirement for all presidents going forward — and the Supreme Court would do well to help pave the way.”

If the high court ends up giving Trump unprecedented power, it would prove that the Supreme Court is no longer an independent institution guided by the Constitution, but is in Trump’s pocket. The only right decision here is to rule against Trump and let Congress do what it has a clear power and right to do.

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