Internet Compares Photos That Melania Tweeted Of Her Visit To The Shrine To Horror Films “The Shining” And “The Omen”

It appears as though they're trying out for a horror movie.

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Donald Trump is creepy enough all on his own, what with the blatant attempts at total authoritarian rule after he found himself brutally mocked and embarrassed for shutting off all the lights and retreating to his bunker, Hitler-style because he was afraid of the big, bad protesters outside the White House.

It doesn’t really get much creepier than the president of the United States bringing down the full force of the United States National Guard, complete with tear gas and rubber bullets, just so he could walk across the street like a macho man.

However, none of that seems to be stopping his wife Melania’s attempts to help him up his ante on the creep factor scale.


As part of Donald’s ploy to make himself look like a badass, he and Melania paid a visit to the Saint John Paul II National Shrine in Northeast Washington, DC earlier this week.

Much like everything else they do, it was little more than a photo-op meant to make sure people could see Donald out in public rather than hunkered down in his bunker hiding from protesters like the good little dictator he is.

Frankly, the whole ordeal was pretty damn uneventful, other than numerous people wondering how Trump didn’t burst into flames inside a church, and Donnie’s little nudge at wife number three to paste a smile on her face.

However, the photos posted by Melania to her Twitter account in the aftermath of their visit garnered quite a bit of chatter on the world wide web, considering they look eerily reminiscent of a horror movie cover.

Twitter users were freaked:

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Is she signaling for help or is that just how their faces look?

Featured image via screen capture 

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