Internet Reacted After Pence And Trump Promoted Church Donations Amid Crisis: “So Much For Separation Of Church And State”

This is so immoral, especially during a health and economic crisis.

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Vice President Mike Pence enraged the nation during a daily coronavirus press conference by urging Americans to keep donating to churches despite the crisis.

The government is not supposed to promote religion, but that’s exactly what Pence and President Donald Trump promised religious leaders during a phone call last month — in addition to promising that they would tell people to keep sending them money no matter what.

“The President and I promised we’d remind people that on the weekends even though you are not in those pews, it’s still a good idea to, if you can, to go ahead and make that donation, because all the ministries are continuing to play a vital role in our communities,” Pence said.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

This is a blatant solicitation for religious donations, and Pence’s use of the word “pews” made it pretty clear that he is talking primarily about Christian denominations.

As for those religious “leaders,” it’s likely they are the televangelists Trump often pals around with such as Robert Jeffress, Paula White and others who are already wealthy enough that they can take care of whole communities single-handedly without money from struggling members of their congregations.

As more and more Americans lose their jobs and their paychecks, asking them to continue donating money to the church is outrageous. And Twitter users lashed out in disgust.

Using a press conference meant to inform people about a pandemic to promote religious donations is despicable and Pence should be ashamed of himself for sinking so low. Of course, now Trump and Pence have moved to give churches taxpayer money directly. This is an unprecedented health and economic crisis. The last thing people should be doing is worrying about making sure churches have enough money, especially churches that already have millions and billions of dollars.

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