Investigators With Manhattan DA’s Office Were Reportedly Looking At Don Jr. As Criminal Probe Expanded Into Donald Trump’s Business Dealings

Junior's in trouble.

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Donald Trump Jr. might want to put down his phone for a minute and stop whining in videos about social media, Democrats, and the fact that his daddy’s tax returns will be vetted in New York soon because the former president’s eldest son is being looked at by investigators that are probing his father’s business dealings, according to a report by the Daily Beast. The former president’s top advisers have insisted that he has nothing to be concerned about over the Manhattan district attorney’s tax investigation, which they view as “fishing” for information, but that doesn’t appear to be true as the probe is expanding.

“But investigators with the D.A.’s office have been expanding their criminal probe into Trump’s business empire, asking questions and grilling witnesses—as recently as in the past few days—not only about Trump but particularly about his eldest son, Don Jr., and Allen Weisselberg, one of the former president’s most trusted officers,” the outlet reports.

“During his father’s administration, Trump Jr. became a chief MAGA spokesman and campaigner while simultaneously serving as the Trump Organization executive vice president, fronting the business with his brother, Eric Trump,” the report continues. “According to his company bio, Trump Jr. is involved in “deal evaluation [and] analysis,” as well as the leasing operation, among other functions. Trump Jr. has also overseen the organization’s international dealings, the growth of which were somewhat hampered due to his father’s ascension to the presidency.”


“However, in that four-year term, then-President Trump continued to rake in millions from foreign business entanglements, with income flowing in from licensing agreements and buildings in various nations across the globe,” the outlet reports. ‘And according to Forbes, Trump’s two sons also “unloaded $118 million worth of the president’s real estate since his January 2017 inauguration, striking deals everywhere from New York City and Los Angeles to Charleston, South Carolina and the Dominican Republic.”’

Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen sat down with Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance’s investigators for the fifth time. Vance personally was involved with the interview, according to the report. “The Supreme Court has now proclaimed that no one is above the law,” Cohen told the Daily Beast, referring to the court’s decision to decline to shield the former president from the investigation into his taxes. “Trump will, for the first time, have to take responsibility for his own dirty deeds.” And it sounds like Don Jr. will, too.

You can read the full report here. (There is a paywall.)

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