“It’s Like A Funeral”: Inside Source Described The “Gloom” Inside Trump Tower As Barron And Melania Hid Out Amid The Biggest Scandal Of Donald’s Life

They want nothing to do with this mess.

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Throughout the weeks and weeks of Donald Trump’s entire Manhattan Stormy Daniels Hush Money trial, both his third and current wife of 20 years, Melania Trump, and his youngest son Barron were markedly absent from any of the proceedings — as witness after witness and piece of evidence after piece of evidence buried the former president deeper and deeper into the ground.

Both Melania and Barron were still nowhere to be found when Donald sat in that Manhattan courtroom and listened as the jury read out a guilty verdict on every single one of the 34 felony charges against him.

Instead, sources have told Page Six that Trump’s wife and son were tucked away in Trump Tower after being “smuggled in through the side entrance,” where the mother and son remained as Donald’s guilty verdict was read into the court.

The inside source told the tabloid that “Everyone says Melania and the entire family are rallying around the former president. But the mood is nonetheless gloomy and gloomier right now. It’s definitely viewed as a downer at Mar-a-Lago.”

According to another insider, that gloom and doom mood quickly permeated through all of Trump World as they came to the stunning realization that their Dear Leader is a certified felon.

“It’s like a funeral,” that source said. “There was hope all day and then none!”

Sources confirmed that Donald spoke with his wife and all 5 of his children following the bombshell, historical guilty verdict. However, MAGA allies were absolutely stunned by the jury’s decision.

“Everyone was hoping for him to get off or at least get a hung jury,” a source with inside knowledge said. “The fact it happened rather quickly has everyone in a tizzy. But Trump’s friends say it’s not unexpected, and they’re prepared for the next steps, including the appeal.”

Find the full report from Page Six here.

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