“It’s Not Worth Anything”: Trump’s Former Attorney And Fixer Took A Wrecking Ball To The “Hype” Around Value Of Truth Social Merger

More bad news for the big guy.

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Recently, Donald Trump finally saw the big merger for his Truth Social platform that he’s long been waiting for — but according to his own former personal attorney and self-described “fixer,” it’s not actually worth much more than the paper it’s written on.

Donald Trump’s infamous former attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen made an appearance on MSNBC’s The Weekend to discuss the new Truth Social merger and the idea that this deal, coupled with all the cash that’s supposedly coming with it, will somehow save the scandal-plagued, disgraced former president from his mountain of ever-increasing legal and financial woes.

According to Cohen, that’s just not the case at all.

Speaking with the hosts of this morning’s MSNBC segment, Cohen accused his former boss and associates of “hyping” up the value of the Trump Truth Social social media company when, in reality, there is no real monetary value to be found.

“What is the value to it?” Cohen questioned. “The fact that they want to make claims that it’s worth $4 billion or $5 billion and he has like 85 percent of the stock. Wouldn’t that stock be valued based upon its profitability?”

“I understand it has like 15 million users on it,” the former Trump attorney who did real jail time in connection to the ex-president’s hush money crimes went on to explain. “Compare that to somebody like Taylor Swift who has 120 million followers — 120 million. What is the profitability that they are making the statement that it is worth not just into the millions or the hundreds of millions, but into the billions of dollars? I don’t buy it either.”

“They are trying to hype up the stock the same way they would do it for Trump Mortgage, Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump this or Trump that — it’s not worth anything ” he added. “There is no profitability and there is no future in sight for that profitability either. I mean, who wants to go on to Truth Social? It is nonsense and I do not think that anybody is going to take this — the stock as an advance for cash.”

Good luck with that, Donnie.

You can see the MSNBC segment here:

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