Ivanka Trump Was Allegedly Obsessed With Disputing Rumor That She Once “Flashed” A Hot Dog Vendor


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It’s long been known that Donald Trump’s third wife Melania and his eldest daughter Ivanka don’t exactly get along, nor see eye to eye on much of anything. However, according to some new info that’s recently made waves in the media, the two women do seem to have a little more in common than they may want to admit — as both of them seem pretty obsessed with what the media has to say about them.

We recently reported that according to Stephanie Grisham’s new tell-all book, former First Lady Melania Trump had Google alerts set up to notify her when her name was mentioned in a news story anywhere because she was obsessed with “reading every little thing” people said about her during her time in the White House.

Now, as more info contained in Grisham’s tell-all, I’ll Take Your Questions Now, hits the news cycle, it appears as though Donald’s eldest (and favorite) daughter Ivanka has a similar habit. Though, apparently, Donnie’s golden child was particularly obsessed with one specific rumor about her, having to do with a sidewalk hot dog cart and a supposed “flashing” incident.

According to a report from Raw Story, Grisham writes that Ivanka was especially obsessed with controlling a “rumor that as a teenager attending Manhattan’s elite Chapin School, she and some friends had flashed a sidewalk hot dog vendor from the window of their classroom.”

The alleged flashing incident was reported on by SheKnows after appearing in Emily Jane Fox’s 2018 book, Born Trump: Inside America’s First Family, and the flashing story “seemingly gained media traction, much to the chagrin of Ivanka.”

A 2018 report from The Daily Mail claims that Ivanka Trump, who would go on to become the eldest daughter of the President of the United States, actually exposed her breasts during the flashing incident, which supposedly took place when Ivanka was in the eighth grade.

Grisham claims in her tell-all book that Ivanka was absolutely obsessed with the rumor and demanded that Grisham and other White House press office employees work diligently to dispel the hot dog vendor/breasts story.

“Responding to something like that would only amplify its importance and give more oxygen to the story. But Ivanka didn’t see it that way,” Stephanie pens.

Grisham notes that this was just one of many examples of the way Ivanka expected the White House press office “to siphon off some of its resources to defend and support her.”

“She obviously had a Google alert set for her name and would go to Sean Spicer whenever a story about her popped up that she didn’t like, which was most of them, expecting us to push back,” Grisham states. “That happened even if 90 percent of a story was positive. She would focus on obscure small facts that she didn’t like or claimed weren’t true… Image was everything in the Trump family, and Ivanka worked very hard to convey an image of perfection.”

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