Ivanka Trump Was Spotted Breaking Down And On The Verge Of Tears During “Emotional” Phone Call In Photos Published By Tabloid

Something's got Ivanka down in the dumps.

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It looks like the stress of life might be getting to Donald Trump’s eldest (and favorite) daughter, after the Daily Mail captured and published a series of photos of Ivanka Trump, in which she appeared highly upset and on the verge of breaking down in tears in what the publication describes as “an emotional phone call” as she made her way to the gym recently.

The oldest Trump daughter and former senior advisor in her father’s administration had her eyes hidden behind a pair of oversized sunglasses during the gym outing, but the specs did little to hide the fact that 40-year-old Ivanka Trump had been crying — or at least very close to turning on the waterworks, anyway.

Now, of course, it’s been a rough few weeks/months for the former First Daughter. Pretty much no one at this point is ignorant to the fact that her ex-presidential father is in the hottest water of his lifetime, as two different New York entities close in on his family company with civil and criminal investigations, the House Select Committee and the Department of Justice’s investigations into the infamous January 6th Capitol attack continue to gain steam, and now his Mar-a-Lago compound has been raided by the FBI in connection to the countless boxes stuffed to the brim with highly-classified, top-secret documents he stole from the White House. And then, of course, there’s the matter of her husband’s health.

We recently reported on the revelation that came out of Jared Kushner’s new book, confirming that the Trump son-in-law and former administration senior advisor underwent treatment for thyroid cancer during his time in his father-in-law’s White House. It was recently revealed that Kushner underwent his second surgery at the Mayo Clinic for the disease just last week to treat an apparent recurrence of thyroid cancer, which he says was successful.

The publication reported that on the same day Ivanka was spotted all teary-eyed as she made her way into the gym, her husband made an appearance on The National Desk where he confirmed, “I had the surgery last week. It was very successful. That’s why I am a little bit higher up than I normally am,” referencing how high his shirt was buttoned up his neck.

While it remains unclear what Ivanka was feeling upset about, it certainly is clear that the eldest Trump daughter has plenty of options to choose from.

See the full report and the photos from the Daily Mail here.

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