January 6th Trump Twitter Whistleblower Has Revealed Their Identity, Despite “Extreme… Terrifying Risk”

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In a breaking new development in the January 6th House Select Committee’s ongoing investigation into the deadly Capitol insurrection, reporting now confirms that the anonymous whistleblower who testified before the House Panel regarding ex-President Donald Trump’s Twitter account has now revealed her true identity.

Back in one of the July public hearings regarding the ongoing January 6th investigation, a former Twitter employee delivered their testimony through a disguised voice, to protect their identity and anonymity and help keep themselves and their family safe from the mob of Trump supporters who have more than proven themselves to be violent and dangerous — especially when it comes to their cult leader Donald Trump.

But now, according to House Select Committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin, the whistleblower has now publicly come forward with the identity behind the voice.

“In July I shared shocking testimony from an anonymous Twitter employee about warning signs she saw of what was coming on Jan. 6,” Rep. Raskin writes on Twitter. “Today I’m honored to share her identity with you. Thank you, Anika Navaroli, for answering the call of the Committee and your country.”

Speaking with the Washington Post, Navaroli said she fears that the rampant misinformation across social media presents an “imminent threat not just to American democracy, but to the societal fabric of our planet.”

But her decision to go public with her true identity wasn’t taken lightly.

“I realize that by being who I am and doing what I’m doing, I’m opening myself and my family to extreme risk. It’s terrifying. This has been one of the most isolating times of my life,” the former Twitter employee told the publication. “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t believe the truth matters.”

Navaroli confirmed to the Post that she sat for multiple interviews with congressional investigators on the January 6th Committee.

WaPo reports:

Navaroliis the most prominent Twitter insider known to have challenged the tech giant’s conduct toward Trump in the years before the Capitol riot. Now in her 30s and living in California, she worries that speaking up about her role inside Twitter on Jan. 6 could lead to threats or real-world harm. Twitter for years dismissed calls to suspend Trump’s account for posts that many people argued broke its rules against deceptive claims and harassment; as a political leader, Twitter executives argued, Trump’s tweets were too newsworthy to remove.”

You can watch Navaroli’s anonymous testimony before the House Select Committee here:

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