The Office Of Melania Trump Released One Of Her Whiniest Statements Ever, Complained That Her Critics Are “Literally Dream Killers,”: “They Have Canceled The Hopes And Dreams Of Children By Trying To Cancel Me”

Someone get Mel some tissues.

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After taking what appeared to be an almost year-long “hiatus” of sorts, following her husband’s absolutely shameful eviction from the presidency, Melania Trump has seemingly started attempting to push her way back into society’s spotlight. But it’s not going all that great for her. In fact, it’s going pretty damn badly.

Since the former First Lady’s apparent reemergence on the “scene,” people have been quick to question her motives for coming out of her proverbial hiding, as most everything she does these days appears to be little more than a big, fat, thinly-veiled cash grab.

Just in the last several weeks, Donald’s wife has gone from barely being seen in public, to jumping head-first into the cryptocurrency world and auctioning off her own belongings. Of course, Mel always claims that her ventures are charity-induced, with a “portion” of the proceeds going to some initiative or another, usually, one that belongs to, you guessed it, her. But people have been quick to notice that in all of this “charitable” new behavior of hers, Melania never seems to clarify just what “portion” of the funds will be headed to a charity of her choosing, vs how much is heading straight into her pocket. It’s become so much of an ordeal, in fact, that she recently found one of her upcoming “high tea” events under investigation by Florida officials, after it was discovered that the charity she was supposedly hosting the event for doesn’t seem to even exist.

To say the least, the former First Lady has been the subject of quite a lot of scrutiny lately, and rightfully so.

But, wouldn’t you know it, Mel herself certainly doesn’t agree with that assessment.

In a recent statement from The Office of Melania Trump, the former First Lady kicks up the dramatics as she gives the media a good old-fashioned Trump-style lashing for their critical reporting on her post-White House endeavors.

The statement claimed that Melania Trump is currently working on her Be Best initiative from her Trump White House days, more specifically a project of the initiative called Fostering the Future with the Bradley Impact Fund — which describes itself as building “a robust national community of informed donors and partners who support and fund organizations that restore, strengthen, and protect America’s founding principles and institutions.”

Melania didn’t hold back when it came to telling the critical media what she thinks.

Despite my actions, the press continues to publish inaccurate, misleading, and outright incorrect articles about my work. The media has created a narrative whereby I am trying to act in an illegal or unethical manner,” the former President’s wife whined. “That portrayal is simply untrue and adversely affects the children I hope to support. Those who attack my initiatives and create the appearance of impropriety are quite literally dream killers. They have canceled the hopes and dreams of children by trying to cancel me.”

Frankly, that was dramatic, even for her.

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