Jeanine Pirro’s Co-Hosts Laughed At Her When Her Phone Rang On-Air And Her Ringtone Was Hilariously On Brand

This is so on point for that woman.

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The running joke (among both sides of the fence, honestly) when it comes to Fox News personality Judge Jeanine Pirro has long been the notion that the Conservative talking head has a bit of a drinking problem. Of course, we have no way of actually verifying whether or not Pirro is a big drinker, and she’s regularly denied the notion that she’s been drunk on air during her Fox segments, despite a lot of behavior that certainly seemed indicative of intoxication.

But given the rumors that have swirled around the Fox personality for all these years, this particular awkward moment during an episode of Fox’s The Five is extra hilarious.

New video footage is spreading like wildfire on social media, showing Pirro’s phone awkwardly ringing during Greg Gutfeld’s portion of the segment — leaving her fellow co-hosts laughing at her faux pas. But what was even worse than the phone itself ringing, was the hilariously ironic ringtone that rang out through the studio as Pirro frantically fumbled to turn her phone off.

Just as Gutfeld was gearing up to begin his recurring “Animals Are Great” segment, Pirro’s phone began to ring, drawing a round of laughter at the former judge’s expense from her fellow hosts of The Five. 

“What the hell’s going on?” Gutfeld asked as Pirro wrestled with her ringing cell phone.

“How could this be on?” Pirro said as the phone continued to awkwardly ring.

“It’s a good thing we’re not on like, Broadway,” her fellow host Geraldo Rivera chimed in, poking fun at Jeanine.

“Thank God we’re not on TV,” Gutfeld joked before he finally got to begin his segment.

But the funniest part of it all… Was the fact that Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar” was the ringtone crooning from the accused alcoholic’s cell phone.

I’m not kidding. See for yourself:

The irony in that is just absolutely delicious.

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