Jen Psaki Had Enough Out Of Newsmax Reporter, And Shut Her Down During Briefing: “I Think You’ve Had Plenty Of Time Today”

What a ridiculous question.

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Newsmax isn’t a serious news outlet, not even close. Host Grant Stinchfield recently lashed out over President Joe Biden giving his wife a dandelion that he just picked from the lawn. Since Donald Trump left office, the outlet’s revenue has decreased. They pinned their hopes on the former guy, and now they keep trying to find something, anything, to hit the Biden administration with. So, during a press briefing, Emerald Robinson of Newsmax asked a ridiculous question while presenting nothing to back up her claim.

According to Robinson, since President Biden has brought in some of the folks from the Obama administration, people are saying that this is like Obama’s third term. This is just crazy talk and reminds me of Kimberly Guilfoyle suggesting that vice president Kamala Harris is actually running the show. “I know this,” Guilfoyle said without knowing anything of the sort. No, this is not Obama’s third term; It is President Biden’s first term. And since Biden was Obama’s vice president, it makes sense that he would bring people he has worked with and trusts into his administration.

And strangely, Robinson claimed that Biden has a “relatively light schedule,” and dammit, conservatives need to make up their minds if he’s “slow” Joe Biden or if he’s doing too much.


“There’s a growing perception that this is just the third term of President Obama,” she asked Psaki. “What do you say to people who say that?”

“Who is saying that?” Psaki shot back.

“We’ve heard that a lot in the media,” Robinson insisted.

“The media?” Psaki asked.

“Different people,” Robinson said without giving an example.


Psaki finally had it with Robinson and just said, “I’m sorry, Emerald, I think you’ve had plenty of time today.”


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Maybe Newsmax should go back to smearing President Biden’s dog. That’s a real hard-hitting outlet with reporters asking super-serious questions.

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