Jen Psaki Just Brutally Threw Donald Trump Under The Bus While Defending Gen. Mark Milley

Shots fired!

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki opened a can of whoop-ass on Republicans Wednesday while defending Gen. Mark Milley over revelations in the forthcoming book ‘Peril’ authored by legendary journalist Bob Woodward and veteran Washington Post reporter Robert Cost, who interviewed more than 200 firsthand participants and witnesses. Milley tried to stave off a potential international conflict after former President Donald Trump showed signs of mental decline after losing the election to President Joe Biden, specifically after the twice-impeached one-term president incited the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection.

“The president knows Gen. Milley. He has been chairman of the joint chiefs for almost eight months of his presidency,” Psaki said at a briefing, according to The Hill. “They’ve worked side by side through a range of international events, and the president has complete confidence in his leadership, his patriotism, and his fidelity to our Constitution.”

“The outgoing president of the United States during this period of time fomented unrest leading to an insurrection and an attack on our nation’s capital on Jan. 6… one of the darkest days in our nation’s history,” Psaki continued, then noted past commentary and reporting from former Trump officials “questioning his stability, his behavior and his suitability to oversee the national security of the United States.”

But she wasn’t done.

When asked whether President Biden would consider Republican criticism about General Mark Milley after a report that he limited Trump’s ability to launch nuclear weapons, Psaki said, “The leader of their party fomented an insurrection, and many of them were silent.”


Psaki still wasn’t done; taking a jab at the twice-impeached one-term president, she said, “This current president … who’s not fomenting an insurrection, who follows the rule of law, has complete confidence in Chairman Milley and him continuing to serve in his role.”


Trump called Milley’s actions treasonous during an interview on Newsmax on Tuesday, and we’re pretty sure the former president will obsess about this for, well, years.

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