Jen Psaki Spoke Out, Revealed DOJ Source Told Her That AG Merrick Garland Is “A Quiet Storm,” Building Damning J6 Case Against Trump And Others

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It’s been quite some time since the media cycle has reported on Jen Psaki.

However, the former Biden Administration press secretary, who’s reportedly soon to take a spot as an MSNBC host, has made a reemergence of sorts this week, with a piece of bombshell information she claims comes from straight within the United States Department of Justice, that leaves millions of Americans with a glimmer of hope, while likely sending scandal-ridden ex-President Donald Trump into one of the worst panicked tailspins of his life.

To be frank, the majority of the people in this country have been left to wonder if Donald J. Trump will ever actually be brought to justice. We have watched in collective fear, horror, and helplessness over so many years now, as the corrupt now-former president gets away with what feels like everything short of murder, never being forced to atone for his sins.

The investigations continue to rage against him, the lawsuits pouring in from every angle — but it seems nothing ever comes to fruition, and it’s exhausting and discouraging, to say the least.

But if Jen Psaki’s inside source at the DOJ is correct, Trump’s days of skirting justice are soon to come to an end, as Psaki’s source says Biden Administration Attorney General Merrick Garland is “a quiet storm,” building a damning case against the ex-president, the insurrectionists, and others, with regard to the infamous, deadly attack on the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

Many Americans and even legal experts were left concerned, to say the least, when AG Garland announced his appointment of Special Counsel Jack Smith in the DOJ’s January 6th case against Trump. They felt as though Garland was once again punting and, in a roundabout way, letting Donald Trump off the hook for his countless crimes.

However, in an appearance on a recent edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Jen Psaki spoke with the hosts about the GOP’s effort to disband the January 6th House Select Committee upon their return to power in the House, and the former Biden press secretary said that the fears surrounding Garland and his new Special Counsel are not the case.

Mediaite reports the following transcript from Psaki’s MSNBC appearance:

DAVID IGNATIUS: The conviction of Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers for seditious conspiracy is a big deal. Yeah, obvious that our Attorney General, Merrick Garland, sees it as a significant precedent or basis for further prosecutions of that type. They’re seeing that the courts will accept this very deep description of what happened January 6. And if Merkel decides to keep going with that and move up and take the evidence that the January six committee provides and begin to turn it into actual legal cases. You know, Kevin McCarthy and the House…

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: It’s a parallel universe.

DAVID IGNATIUS: Can hold all the hearings they want. But with the action in the in the litigation and the decisions people will face about whether it, whether to cooperate or whether to face really significant prison time, is, that’s going to be, I think, the issue of the next year. Not not all of this back and…

JEN PSAKI: Yeah. I mean, look, I think you have on one hand, you have the Republican Party on every level the battle for the RNC chair. Whatever Kevin McCarthy’s strategy is, which I don’t think it’s three dimensional chess, I think he doesn’t know, you know, and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s participation in policy committees. There’s an identity crisis playing out here. Who are they for? What are they for? What are they fighting for?

And then on the other hand, to David’s point, you have Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice. And I think he deserves and they deserve some credit here.

I was speaking with a Department of Justice official a couple of weeks ago who described Merrick Garland as a quiet storm, somebody who builds, that is what he is doing. They went big with Stewart Rhodes. There are more seditionists they are going to continue to prosecute. He’s obviously, has Jack Smith in charge, who is a guy who is prosecuting war criminals. This is a complete badass guy who’s doing this, and they are doing serious work here while there’s an identity crisis going on on the other side.”

This isn’t over, Trump. Far from it.

Watch the clip of the MSNBC segment here:

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Senate Democrats, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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