Jen Psaki Takes Peter Doocy To Task After He Seems To Suggest President Biden Shouldn’t Leave The WH To See His Family For Thanksgiving Because Of Inflation

What a ridiculous question.

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This week, the Bidens are expected to spend this year’s Thanksgiving in Nantucket, Massachusetts, reviving a longstanding family tradition that goes back to 1975 for the holiday. For some reason, though, Fox News’s Peter Doocy appeared to take issue with that. Doccy’s reason? Because of inflation. Conservatives are trying to tie President Biden to rising costs, but inflation is a global problem. It’s not just here in the United States.

“The president said today that he was sent here to look out for these working and middle-class families that are strained right now, so what should they read into him leaving now?” Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

“There is an abundance of turkeys available. They are about one dollar more for a twenty-pound bird,” Psaki said. “We’ve been working to make sure people have more money in their pockets to address that as the economy is turning back on.”

As for the Bidens going to Nantucket, Psaki said, “Peter, I hope you’re spending time with your family. I am spending time with my family. I hope everyone here is spending time with their families. This is a time to put politics aside; spend time with your loved ones, and talk about what you’re grateful for.”

Psaki then explained to Doocy that presidents could conduct their work from wherever they are. And really, a president doesn’t stop working because of a holiday. The country doesn’t stop and wait.


On Tuesday, Biden addressed the issue of rising food and gasoline prices, saying that high gas prices are a problem in the U.S. and globally. And he told of the release by the Department of Energy of 50 million barrels of oil from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which will help Americans during the holidays.

“This is a problem, not just here in the United States, but around the world,” Biden said in remarks at the White House, The Hill reports.

“Moms and dads are worried, asking will there be enough food we can afford to buy for the holidays, will we be able to get Christmas presents to the kids on time, and if so, will they cost me an arm and a leg,” Biden said.

“All these concerns a few weeks ago, there would not be ample food available for Thanksgiving, so many people talked about that, understandably. But families can rest easy. Grocery stores are well-stocked with turkey and everything else you need for Thanksgiving, and the major retailers I mentioned have confirmed that their shelves will be well-stocked in stores this holiday season,” he added.

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