Jerry Nadler Just Called Republicans Out By Name For Not Following Congressional Guidance During Hearing: “That Means You, Jim, And Marjorie, And Matt”

Called out!!!

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Democratic House Rep. and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, has apparently had it up to here with GOP maskholes who continually refuse to follow Congressional guidelines and requirements and cover their faces while in Congress to help prevent the spread of the pandemic that we’re now two years deep in.

And he’s letting them know it.

Today, Congress is neck-deep in a Congressional hearing for Biden Administration Attorney General Merrick Garland. As soon as Republican Rep. Steve Chabot wrapped up his line of questioning with Garland, Nadler took the opportunity to remind everyone in the room that they needed to be wearing their masks as required, in accordance with guidance from the Office of the Attending Physician — the entity that addresses the medical needs of Congress.


But Nadler didn’t stop with a general reminder to everyone in the room. The Democratic Rep. and Committee Chair went on to call out a few notable Republicans by name, who weren’t wearing their face coverings as required.

“The gentleman yields back. Once again, I would remind all members that guidance from the Office of [the] Attending [Physician] states that face coverings are required for all meetings in enclosed space such as committee hearings except when you’re recognized to speak. And that means you, Jim, and Marjorie and Matt and a lot of other people I can’t recognize because of distance, etc., so, please, everyone, observe that rule,” Nadler declared.

Just meme moments later, on the heels of questioning from Texas’ Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, Nadler was once again forced to remind the room of the Congressional requirements in regard to face coverings.

“As I’ve explained to members on numerous occasions, I view the wearing of facemasks as a safety issue and therefore as an important matter of order and decorum. Because I am responsible for preserving order and decorum in this committee, I am requiring members of staff attending this hearing to wear facemasks. I came to this decision after the office of the attending physician released its guidance requiring masks in committee hearings some time ago,” he stated.

“I note that some members are still not wearing masks. The requirement is that members wear their masks at all times when they are not speaking. I will take members in compliance with this rule into consideration when they seek recognition. I see Mr. Roy, for example,” Nadler added, calling on Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy.

Frankly, it seems that Nadler is done babysitting these fools.

You can watch the clip here:

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