Jim Acosta Busts Sarah Sanders For Being A Hypocrite, Reveals Her After Hours Activities With The Press


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For someone whose job title is literally “White House Press Secretary” Sarah Huckabee Sanders sure does a damn good job of completely avoiding any press other than the beloved Trump safe space that is Fox News Network. The woman hasn’t held a press briefing in so long that her lectern is actually caked in dust and she’s gone to extreme lengths to revoke the press passes of every journalist she thinks doesn’t like her.

She rattles off the same nonsense as her boss, claiming that journalists are pretty much all “fake news” with a serious vendetta against the Trump administration and regularly accuses the media of being mean to her and the president and diving our country. So she instead takes to Fox News and defends the president as he trashes any other media site, deeming them “fake news” and the “enemy of the people.”

But CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s new book, The Enemy Of The People, suggests Sanders’ relationship with the very media that she publicly trashes may be far more chummy behind closed doors than she lets on. Acosta’s book claims that Sarah regularly met with reporters for drinks and evidently, she can “throw back her Maker’s and Coke with the best of them.”

This little tidbit of information is extra rich, considering Trump and his administration have spent the last three days trying to paint House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a raging alcoholic with doctored footage of her speeches.

Sanders and Acosta have certainly had a troubled relationship along the way, to say the least, with their feud coming to a head last year after Sanders revoked Acosta’s “hard pass” to the White House, claiming that he had put his hands on an intern. However, reporters quickly accused Sanders of lying about the ordeal and spreading manipulated, fake footage of the incident. A federal judge appointed by Trump ultimately forced Sanders to restore Acosta’s credentials.

Acosta reported in his book that Sarah’s false accusation against him was a “disgusting smear” and said that afterward “everything in my life began to spiral out of control.” But it looks like he’s certainly getting her back now.

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