Jim Jordan Didn’t Appear To Be Worried About What The History Books Say About Him: “I Don’t Care How I’m Remembered”

Maybe he should rethink this.

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Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan will go down with a stained legacy after acting like Donald Trump’s top defender instead of working for his constituents. Even Jordan’s hometown newspaper called the Congressman “the ideal bootlicker.” And it’s not just politics Jordan has to worry about. He’s got his own scandal hitting news outlets alleging that he ignored multiple cases of sexual assault. Forty-three men filed a lawsuit who say they were “sexually assaulted, abused, molested and/or harassed” by disgraced doctor Richard Strauss, the referee at Ohio State University.

As for his lint-licking, firebreathing, ass-kissing, in regard to Donald Trump, who is facing down a Senate trial soon, Jordan, who appeared on both the House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committee panels during the impeachment inquiry, doesn’t care about the blight that will leave on his legacy.

“I don’t care how I’m remembered,” Jordan told the Huffington Post. “I care that the American people elected this guy president, he’s doing a great job, and [the Democrats] have zero facts on their side to remove this guy from office.”

Instead, Jordan alleged that he was more concerned about Democrats, who he claimed never accepted the 2016 election results, as well as the “arrogance” of people like Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan. Karlan, who appeared to be a very credible witness, appeared as a Constitutional expert who testified before the Judiciary Committee last week and said that Trump should be impeached.

To Jordan, that was sheer arrogance.

“The arrogance that lady had for hillbillies like Jim Jordan from Ohio, or Mark Meadows from the mountains of North Carolina, or anyone across the heartland who voted for this president,” Jordan said. “the disdain that she had for us, you know, regular folk.”

Jordan can hardly be considered “regular folk.” He’s a seven-term congressman.

“I don’t care how I’m remembered,” Jordan told the news outlet and insisted that he hasn’t given anything like that a “second’s thought.”

“The first time that even entered my mind was 20 seconds ago when you asked me,” he said.

When we watch Trump’s followers and lackeys, most of us can see they’re in a haze, almost as if they’re part of a cult. And their cult leader is a raging sociopath. Jordan may not care about how he’s remembered, but his four children might one day.

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