Report Showed Ivanka Is Trump “Family Member” That Had Friendship With Dossier Author Christopher Steele

This has 'bad news' written all over it for Ivanka.

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Even since British Intelligence Officer and Russia expert Christopher Steele dropped his damning memos against Donald Trump, the Trump family have been locked and loaded to sue, defame, and destroy him — ultimately attempting to discredit him as well as his first-hand knowledge concerning the family by labeling him as a long-time Trump detractor.

However, Steele has been saying from the get-go that he actually had close, personal ties with a member of the Trump family who he considered himself friends with — and thanks to the bombshell Inspector General report that was just released, we know precisely which member of the Trump clan Steele has been referring to all along.

Per the report, throughout the course of the IG’s investigation, Steele told investigators that the idea that he was somehow biased against the Trump family was “ridiculous” as he’s met with “a Trump family member at Trump Tower” and has “been friendly with [the family member] for some years,” even going so far as to gift them a “family tartan.”

And though the report does not name the individual whom Steele has a friendly relationship with, ABC News has uncovered evidence to prove that the British Intelligence Office, in fact, had a friendship with none other than Trump’s very own daughter, Ivanka.

According to the report from ABC, per their sources, Ivanka and Christopher met at a dinner back in 2007 where they quickly began discussing the possibility of working together. According to emails read by ABC News, the pair communicated the following year, discussing plans to meet up at Trump Tower as well as talks of a dinner at a New York restaurant just around the block from her father’s property.

No formal arrangements were borne of the friendship between the Trump child and eventual dossier author. However, that does nothing to make this information any less explosive.

Donald and his family have long stood firm on the idea that Steele had it out for the Trump family. But the IG report paints a far different picture for Trump and his family, stating that, “If anything he [Steele] was ‘favorably predisposed’ towards the Trump family before he began his research.”

The Steele Dossier truly has nothing to do with a predisposed hatred towards the Trump family. It really boils down to nothing more than exposing their blatant corruption. And Ivanka’s friendship with the author is proof enough of just that.

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