Joe Biden On White House Bunker: “We Never Had Cause To Use The Bunker. We Were Never That Scared”


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Americans have displayed anger, dismay, and disgust over police officers murdering another unarmed African-American. The protests over Minneapolis man George Floyd’s murder have grown so much that they’ve taken place in every state of this country, and it’s gone worldwide, too. One would think a sitting president would unite the country, but Donald Trump retreated into his bunker at the White House and literally shut off the outside lights that surround the executive mansion.

While Americans are reeling from the pandemic, they still took to the streets to say Black Lives Matter, three words that this feckless and weak president has failed to utter from his swollen orange mouth-hole. Trump retreated. Trump hid from the American people.

But Democratic nominee Joe Biden had something to say about the eight years he served alongside former President Barack Obama.

“You know, Barack and I never went down to the bunker. They tell me it had cobwebs from lack of use during our eight years,” Biden said. “Never actually seen the bunker. I called up Barack, he said he’s never seen it either.”

“We never had cause to use the bunker. We were never that scared,” the former Vice President continued to say. “Barack always told me that if there was an emergency and it was time to go to the bunker, that he would send only me, as VP, in case anything went wrong.”

“He, as president, would remain with the people of this nation during any troubling times,” he added. “He would never have abandoned them.”

I’m old enough to remember being concerned when Obama spoke at events. At some of the rallies, conservatives would stand just outside while openly carrying firearms. Our country’s first black President was never afraid of the American people. Joe Biden has been taking to the streets to talk to protesters while Trump has been issuing threats on Twitter.

One of them is a Bunker Bitch, while the other one is not afraid of the Americans he will represent as the president of the United States.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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