Joel Osteen Broke Down In Nauseating Tears While Bragging To His Congregation That The $100M Loan To Convert NBA Stadium Into His TX Megachurch Was Paid Off After Only 19 Years

My eyes couldn't roll any harder if they tried.

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America’s most famous megachurch pastor and televangelist, whom everyone truly loves to hate, recently got some attention in the media after he broke down in a nauseating bout of tears while bragging to his congregation that the $100 million loan the church acquired to convert an NBA stadium into their massive megachurch has officially been paid off after only 19 years.

The Daily Mail recently broke reporting on megachurch pastor and grifter Joel Osteen’s emotional display at the non-denominational Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, where he’s led the masses for over 20 years now, with a whopping congregation of over 50,000 and an additional 200 million viewers across the country who tune in to watch his shitshow online every week.

Osteen took to the former 17,000-seat NBA stadium turned megachurch stage with his wife, complete with jumbotrons so everyone could see as he ripped up the loan agreement for a staggering $100 million and wept to the audience.

The 60-year-old conman signed a 60-year lease to the tune of $11.5 million for the Houston Rockets’ arena in 2005, saying in his sermon, “Daddy left us that kind of money so we just signed that lease.”

Osteen went on to say that it was “quite the ordeal” just to secure the building, only to be quoted a mind-boggling $100M in renovations to convert the sports stadium into the megachurch of his dreams.

He whined that the first bank he approached for the multi-million dollar renovation loan was “so negative” and ultimately told him, “Man, it’s not going to happen.”

Osteen bragged that he just let that negativity “go in one ear and out the other” and made a beeline straight for the notorious Bank of America instead.

“They showed up at our office, first day we were there, without even knowing us, they hadn’t even seen our financials, and they had a check for $ 25 million they said that we could borrow,” the pastor told his gullible congregation. Eventually, Bank of America gave Osteen and the church the $100M needed for the extensive renovations.

Speaking to his congregation, Osteen bragged that, as of December 31st, 2023, the multi-million dollar loan had been paid off in full: “It’s because of your faithfulness. What God has done for Lakewood he is going to do in your lives.”

Osteen is undeniably one of the most highly controversial public figures this country has to offer, due in large part to his $40 million in personal net worth while taking out extravagant government COVID loans for his church, and initially refusing to open the doors of his megachurch during Hurricane Harvey that rocked the state of Texas to its core.

Find the full report and video from The Daily Mail here.

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