Lauren Boebert Had To Go To Her Family Farmhouse To Check On Her Belongings After Her Ex-Husband Jayson Told Her That She Could Find Her Stuff “At The Bottom Of The Pond”: Report

The drama just never ends with these two.

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The Boebert family drama truly never ends.

According to reporting from the Washington Post, Colorado Right-wing Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s campaign manager spoke on her behalf at an event in Colorado’s 4th congressional district last month, as part of Boebert’s desperate attempt to salvage what very little is left of her political career amid her truly neverending family drama and scandal.

Drew Sexton, Boebert’s campaign manager, delivered remarks at a gathering in a coffee shop of the Pachyderm Club, a local Republican group, as the election season quickly closes in on the congresswoman.

Lauren herself was markedly absent from that campaign event and, while Sexton has attempted to claim that Lauren wasn’t scheduled to appear at this particular event, WaPo broke reporting that the congresswoman was actually headed to her family’s farmhouse while her campaign manager was doing her political bidding — because she was concerned that she was going to find all of her personal belongings at the bottom of the pond.

According to the Post, Lauren made the decision to drive out to her family home the morning of the campaign event to try to retrieve the remainder of her personal belongings from the property where she had moved to right around the time her marriage with now-ex-husband Jayson Boebert began to fall apart.

Lauren personally spoke with the publication and said that she spoke with her ex-husband on the phone prior to her arrival at the property, where he told her she could find all of her belongings “at the bottom of the pond.”

Ultimately, Jayson’s claim turned out to be a lie to goad his estranged ex-wife, as it turned out he had actually put all of Lauren’s stuff into a storage unit, without her permission.

Nevertheless, WaPo reported that Lauren called the police over the incident, and this was a contributing factor to the temporary restraining order she obtained against her ex.

Boebert has been no stranger to intense scandal lately, with the most notable being her inappropriate behavior at a theater during a family-friendly play, her physical altercation with her ex-husband at a local restaurant, and, most recently, her teen son’s felony arrest in connection to a string of thefts and trespassing in the area.

You can read the full report from the Washington Post here.

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