Journalist Offers Up Interesting Theory Surrounding Donald Trump’s Willingness To Let His Hair Go Gray

Well, this is certainly interesting.

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We recently reported that, during one of Trump’s post-election pressers, it seemed as though he had forgone the orange hair dye job and allowed his sparse locks to sport a more natural gray tone. As expected, many people had various theories as to why Donald had seemingly allowed his florescent hair color to go by the wayside — including but not limited to everything from his hairdresser quitting on him, to a desperate attempt to appear older and wiser as he muddled through his lawsuits against the election.

However, in a piece for New York Magazine, journalist Rhonda Garelick had the most interesting theory of them all — suggesting that Trump’s change in appearance is a reflection of his political thought process, ultimately amount to an “admission of electoral defeat.”

Garelick’s article, titled Trump Has Lost the Will to Be Blond, opens, “Yes, Donald Trump has stopped dying his hair.” Garelick goes on to explain, “Earlier this month, the 45th president appeared at a press conference about the administration’s vaccine-development efforts with an entirely silver mane — not an orange streak in sight. The news ricocheted through the press and social media. Thus far, the silver looks to be permanent. Trump seems done with dye.”


She goes on to add, “There is a parallel between the hair and this admission of electoral defeat: Trump was letting truth creep back into both his hair and his words. The self-applied hair color faded away right along with the refusal to acknowledge Biden’s win. Was it intentional? Will it continue? Clearly, not in any steady fashion — Trump continues to careen between conceding loss and claiming election fraud. But that hardly matters.”

“On Monday, the (Trump) Administration at last acknowledged Biden’s transition. And this admission was augured by the abandonment of presidential hair coloring,” the journalist writes. “This signals a sea change: Trump is loosening his grip, slowly letting go of the elaborate, theatrical pageant of his presidency.”

She points out that while Donald certainly is not the only old, male politician to color their locks gray — cue Mitt Romney — others tend to “do so discreetly.”

“Now, though, (Trump’s) hair is reverting to its natural color, more plainly speaking truth,” she muses, “Perhaps next, that pouf on top will deflate — or the orange makeup will disappear. Time will tell.”

You can read the full piece here.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/The White House

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