Trump Is Brutally Slammed By His Own Biographer: “He Can’t Even Succeed At Being A Loser”

Oof! That's gotta sting!

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Look, Donald J. Trump has been positively awful his entire adult life — long before he ever got his claws into the power of the presidency, back when he was little more than a real estate “mogul” riding on his daddy’s bank account and a washed-up reality TV “star.” He’s always been nothing more than a greedy, selfish, self-absorbed “businessman” who wasn’t even good at business.

Face it, over the years, everything Donald Trump has touched has gone to hell — Trump University, Trump Steaks, multiple bankruptcies, etc. He’s like a reverse King Midas. To say the very least, the guy is grossly incompetent in every way. And frankly, his position as President of the United States has only served to highlight that fact.


Once again, Trump has destroyed all that he’s touched from the White House. And now, even as he’s finally on his way out, he’s proving that his incompetence knows no bounds.

During a segment on CNN, Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio touched on this topic, explaining that Donald’s “buffoonery” surrounding his unsupported claims of election fraud is “consistent with who he is and who he’s always been.”

“He is profoundly an incompetent person —  a loser if you might say,” D’Antonio explained. “He’s so incompetent, he can’t even succeed at being a loser.”

“This is the creature he has always been,” he explained later on in the segment.

The CNN host asked the Trump biographer if he expected the outgoing President to skip the inauguration of Joe Biden next month, something D’Antonio said is very possible.

“The answer to that will be determined by what he thinks will profit him the most,” he stated. “By ‘profit,’ I mean literal profit … but also what he imagines will profit him going forward.”

You can watch the full clip here:

Featured image via Senior Airman Ridge Shan

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