Junior Appears To Compare Trump Impeachment To OJ Simpson Trial In Misspelled Meme

I'm not so sure that was a good idea, Junior. I gotta tell ya.

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Ever since the formal impeachment process made it to the GOP-run Senate, Trump and his minions, both inside his administration as well as friends and family members, have been eager to celebrate their dear leader’s impending acquittal.

However, now that the time is here and Trump’s sham impeachment trial was a success (for him) and he got away with every single one of the transgressions he so plainly committed, they’re just not really doing such a great job with those celebrations — likely because they know he’s still guilty as hell, so there’s not a whole lot of solid ground for them to stand on, acquittal or not.

So far, Donald himself has waved around a newspaper and cranked his Twitter nonsense up a notch, his GOP allies are praying to the God that they can still get reelected this year after pulling off that bullshit, and Donald Trump Jr., well, he’s just something else.

Since the beginning of Trump’s impeachment process he, his GOPers, and his children have been harping on about the unfairness of it all. You add to that Nancy Pelosi’s recent boss move to rip up her copy of Trump’s SOTU speech in front of God and everybody and they’re all having themselves a collective heart attack.

Junior, being the immature little fuckboy that he is, took to his Instagram account recently in an attempt to “own” the Democratic party, and House Speaker Pelosi specifically, with what I’m sure he thought was a super bitchin’ meme — featuring high-profile OJ Simpson attorney, Johnnie Cochran, who was known for using “catchy” rhymes in his defense to the courts.

The meme was captioned, “If you can’t impeach, rip up the speach” — typo included.

So there’s are a lot of things to unpack here. For one, Cochran got a man that was guilty of murdering his wife off the hook. I do suppose it’s fitting, considering Trump is every bit as guilty as OJ. Secondly, nothing is bitchin’ when it’s got typos, man. NOTHING. I don’t give a damn how funny you think it is.

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