Karen Pence While Campaigning, Says Man Whose Brother Died From COVID -19 Told Her To Thank Her Husband And Trump For What They Are Doing To Fight The Virus

You gotta be kidding me.

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If there’s anything I’ve learned about this disgusting, joke of a presidential administration over the past four years, it’s the fact that every single time you think it couldn’t possibly get much worse, it absolutely can… And will.

There’s simply no denying that the Trump administration, under the “guidance” and control of a washed-up reality TV “star,” has made a complete and utter mockery out of this nation’s response to the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Thanks in (very) large part to their lax, flippant approach to guidelines and regulations set forth by actual medical professionals — such as social distancing, face-coverings, and widespread shutdowns — more than 225 thousand American lives were needlessly lost. But if you ask Donald Trump… Well… We should just thank our lucky stars it wasn’t more.

And unsurprisingly, the rest of his “people” have no shame in touting this ridiculous and downright dangerous narrative.

The campaigning within the Trump administration is going full force, with just five short days ahead of the election, and it seems Donald is now employing everyone he can think of to do his bidding — including Second Lady Karen Pence, who’s obviously no stranger to this disgusting pandemic rhetoric.

Today, during a campaign event in Edinboro, PA, Karen told the equivalent of one of Trump’s infamous “sir” stories when she claimed that a man whose brother passed away as a result of the deadly virus actually thanked her for the pandemic response implemented by Donald Trump and her husband, Mike Pence.

“I had a gentleman yesterday come up to me after a rally and he said ‘I want to tell you, I lost my brother to coronavirus early on.’ and he said, ‘I want you to thank your husband for what he is doing. And thank the President for what he is doing to fight this virus.’ And I told Mike that this morning and it almost brought him to tears,” Karen Pence claimed before going on to further tout Donald Trump for a second term.

Quite frankly, I’m not buying a word of that hot garbage. I’d be surprised if this “man” even exists.

Just shut up, lady. It’ll all be over but the crying before you know it.

You can watch the clip here:

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