Kayleigh McEnany Gets Called Out For Claiming Trump Is Watching A Church Service: “I’d Like To See A Video From Beginning To End Of Him Watching”

McEnany is so "Christian" that she even lies on Sunday.

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany woke up Sunday morning, considered the holiest day of the week by a “Christian woman” such as herself, and lied for Donald Trump to make it seem like he’ll be watching a church service.

McEnany has repeatedly shrugged off her status as a liar, so she had no problem doing it again when she took to Twitter to announce that Trump is attending a virtual church service broadcast by New Season Christian Worship Center in California.

The problem is that the church does not open until 9am Pacific Time, which means the service would have had to begin at around 5am to accommodate the 8am Eastern Time start McEnany announced.

Of course, Twitter users were not buying McEnany’s claim, especially since Trump is evil and would rather watch Fox News, golf, or tweet instead of sitting through a church service.

It should also be pointed out that McEnany used an official government account to promote a church, an apparent violation of the separation of church and state. But just like church, Trump and his propaganda minion don’t really care about the Constitution either.

Featured image via Flickr/White House, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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